Exquisite Cosmetic Tools and Brushes and Tools, Balance of High Quality Export Order on Sale

Exquisite Cosmetic Tools and Brushes and Tools, Balance of High Quality Export Order on Sale

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Factory Inventory refer to all kinds of commodities which have completed production process and have been inspected, conformed to all related regulations and technical specifications, stored in warehouse ready for sale and can be delivered in anytime.

In short, inventory refer to all idle economic value for the future, it can prevent production interruption, save production time and costs, improve service quality and prevent shortage, meanwhile it also have certain disadvantages in the other hand, like occupying a large amount of working capital, and resulting in a certain inventory cost.

Everyone who has been running a factory knows that no matter what we do, there will be an inventory, which occupies a special place, space, and even affects production flowing, such as improper stock handling, fail of factory audit and so on. The significance of commodities lies in circulation, thus our inventory sales platform ECI is to bulit a communication link between factories and buyers, circulating these inventory commodities to create the value, and release pressure for factories.

What kind of platform is EC Inventory sales platform - ECI?

For factories:

ECI is a platform that can quickly release their product inventory, it provide a new professional sales channel to the factories, help them making inventory became capital, and resolving the problem of overstock space and cost.

For buyers:

ECI is a platform to quickly find high cost-effective sources of goods, providing buyers a new way to search for high quality and inexpensive commodities. It can enable buyers quickly complete transactions, reduce the cost of grinding with factories in the early stage, and get the best products at the lowest price.